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Business Ownership Protection Specialists

We are a family owned firm that has been in business for more than 16 years. We believe all business owners and their families deserve the lifestyle they desire and the future they wish for. The way we help you achieve this is by guaranteeing the income from your business now and into the future. We specialise in helping business owners and their families protect a lifetime of effort.


ESIC Hub is Australia’s first and only online platform dedicated to serving the needs of the early-stage community of entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, investors, and their advisers. The foundations of ESIC Hub reach back to 1993 when we developed a passion to advise, construct, make and manage innovation investments on behalf of clients, many of who remain connected with us today. With this background it was natural for us to be involved with the recent innovation agenda from commencement. We were one of the leading contributors in the consultation process that responded to the Government’s Innovation Statement released in December 2015. Our thoughts, views and experiences helped shape today’s outcome and is now delivered to the early stage community through ESIC Hub. We are Australian-owned and independent. We were established in 2016 following the introduction of significant tax incentives around early-stage innovation companies (ESICs).

Sofcorp Financial Services

Sofcorp Financial Services is a financial planning practice that offers solutions for all your financial needs. We focus on working in partnership with you, to enable you to reach your financial goals and secure your lifestyle. We understand that each client has many options to consider when it comes to creating and managing their wealth. To help you navigate through the complex options, we work in partnership with you to offer a disciplined and objective approach to the delivery of advice, based on a thorough understanding of your current and longer term needs and objectives.