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Fonda Mexican

Fonda is a Mexican street food dining experience; delicious, fresh food served by friendly and receptive Fondarians in a beautifully designed space. Our burritos are made with freshly pressed tortillas; the ‘Fonda Press’ spent 4 months on a boat getting here but takes just 1.8 seconds to press your tortilla. Once you have experienced a freshly pressed tortilla, it’s hard to go back. Our taco tortillas are made daily from fresh corn, the same way Aztecs and Mayans enjoyed them. If you have any allergies to avocado, onion, coriander, lime or chilli please be sure to let us know when ordering. If you simply dislike avocado, onion, coriander, lime or chilli, Mexican may not be for you? Founded in 2011 by David Youl and Tim McDonald, Fonda Mexican offers a unique take on the Mexican open kitchen, in Richmond, Windsor, Flinders Lane, Hawthorn and Knox.