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Jackaroo Timber

We are a family owned business in the eastern suburbs. We supply to all manufacturers of timber products, schools, builders and tradespeople. We offer all our customers great service at fair rates. Jackaroo timber delivers through out Melbourne and we use a Crane truck for deliveries so you don’t need a forklift on site. Personal service, understanding your timber needs. When you need expert advice, timbers needs analysis and forward planning, contact us today. Together we can grow!


JAVAC is Australia’s Leading Specialist in Vacuum and Refrigeration Process Technology. Dedicated to the long term, the company invests heavily in research and development. JAVAC regularly accesses and adopts advanced manufacturing processes. This ensures first-rate facilities for services like re-manufacturing pumps and associated equipment calibrating gauges, leak detection and servicing specialist gear such as turbo molecular pumps, mechanical boosters, cryogenic pumps and re-gassing of helium and other refrigerants. Being a manufacturer, JAVAC has expertise and facilities no one else can provide locally. Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures our specially trained personnel maintain factory specifications for all work undertaken. JAVAC has developed an impressive range of skills in high vacuum technology.

Jeremy Oliver

eremy Oliver is one of Australia’s foremost wine writers and presenters, and the most influential wine presence throughout Asia. He is a widely read and fully independent wine commentator whose words are published in several countries and languages. In late 2005 he was named the inaugural Wine Writer of the Year by the widely circulated Australian Wine Selector magazine, and with the publication of Enjoy Wine with Jeremy in Mandarin in 2008, he became the first western wine critic to create and publish a book in China especially for the Chinese audience. Known for his best-selling guidebook, The Australian Wine Annual, Jeremy Oliver has now released the current 2015 edition in Mandarin, for the fourth consecutive year. Jeremy is also a polished wine presenter and a popular host of corporate and wine-related events from New York to Beijing. He has hosted most of the leading wine events in Australia, including the Maurice O’Shea Award.