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Kerr Capital

Most small business owners will only sell one business in their lifetime. The business sale process is emotional, time consuming and stressful. For many business owners it can be overwhelming. But after all the personal investment you have put into your business you need to get it right. Kerr Capital was established by Michael Kerr in 2002 and provides services and advice to help business owners: 1. Increase the value of their business (current) 2. Find and evaluate their new small business (prospective) 3. Improve the saleability of their business 4. Successfully convert their business value into personal wealth

KIDS Foundation

The KIDS Foundation, established in 1993, occupies a unique position as a national leader in childhood injury prevention and injury recovery and is the only organisation of its kind committed to creating and instilling a culture of safety among young people. It operates with two key program components to its Foundation in order to provide an integrated approach to safety education and rehabilitation - one being injury prevention and the other being injury recovery.

KMT Group

KMT Group are a leading IT managed service provider for Small to Medium businesses in Australia. We align our business with our clients to become their IT department and in doing so allow our clients to focus on what they do best. As well as the day to day management of our clients IT we deliver on premise and cloud based solutions and services to enable our clients to drive business growth and competitive advantage in their chosen industries. KMT Group where launched in 2010 specifically to work with businesses up to 150 staff. KMT Group have grown on average 75% each year since inception. This has been achieved by focusing on the needs of our clients and keeping them up to date with the latest innovations in IT. The biggest benefit that we provide to our clients is a level of service and peace of mind that only the largest corporate businesses expect, and we do this at a fraction of the cost.