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Employee Matters Pty Ltd

Employee Matters provides employee support to small businesses who want to maximise profitability through their employees but struggle with hiring the best, understanding the legislation and firing non-performers.

Full Circle Feedback

We are proudly Australian owned and operated servicing clients both at home and across the globe. Our team been conducting 360 Degree Feedback, Engagement Surveys, Leadership Development and Training programs for over 15 years and we’ve learnt a lot in that time. We have taken this knowledge to continually improve our service and product delivery to ensure our clients get the results they need. Our web based feedback system has been designed and developed by our team and is located at our security monitored datacentre. Privacy means a lot to us and we ensure that the latest applications are in place to keep our clients information protected. At Full Circle Feedback we believe that when delivered correctly feedback can produce powerful results. We implement our 4 step process so that we can deliver our clients expected outcomes for their feedback project or development programs.

HR Central

HR Central offers affordable and easy to understand HR solutions and systems for Small to Medium Businesses to help ensure compliance and best practice with your HR. We provide specialist advice around policies, procedures, training and all stages of the employment cycle from recruitment to termination, as well as IR matters. The HR Central Team compliment one another with a wide range of experience and qualifications. Our staff are committed to their professional development and training, and monitor updates to legislation and precedents so we can inform you of your options to minimise risk in regards to any HR issues that may arise. In addition to our Team, we have specifically dedicated cloud hosted software available for all businesses to help streamline and manage your HR process. This software is supported by a Help Desk, that you can contact via email or telephone to answer any of your HR questions. Proudly Australian owned and operated, servicing businesses nation wide.

Scores on the Board

Scores on the Board is a continuous improvement system to help power performance. It’s simple, effective and easy to implement in any organisation. The system was created by Bill Lang and developed using Harvard Business School research on the Service-Profit Chain business model. This model shows that satisfied and engaged staff leads to satisfied customers, which leads to improved business performance. Traditional change management strategies and corporate training fail to deliver the behavioural change and skill level improvement needed to help businesses capitalise on available opportunities – or simply keep pace. A culture of continual learning and performance improvement requires an ongoing framework that reinforces desired behaviours and facilitates rapid and effective skill development.